Weekly Photo Recap

making dumplings | Strung Out! | Lauren and I, all access | NOFX from stage | with Rob, Lauren, Colleen post show | I missed my flight to Texas | dinner with E & Max | waking up cranky | Ingy’s birthday dinner with Dustin | party barge | party barge | pineapple party! | singing Happy Birthday to Ingy with Kristin | Mount Bonnell | Mount Bonnell with Reka, Charles, Dustin | being tourists with Reka | Greetings from Austin! | being tourists with Reka | Sunday Soul & Sangria at Icenhauer’s | pre-dinner snack | and then E & I ordered ALL the desserts at Justine’s 

I’m obsessed with the last week that I had. Obsessed. 

Tuesday my long time friend Rob hit me up to ask if I wanted to come to his show Wednesday night. Against better judgement, but I said yes. I packed for Texas like 2 minutes before I left for Boston and although I forgot a lot of things, it was worth it. I made it in time to catch part of Rob’s set. They played third to last, before Lagwagon and NOFX. Seeing Strung Out is always fun because they’re just so good. I ran into Colleen and her husband AJ (I was at their wedding less than a month ago!) and I managed to get them backstage/all access with Lauren and me. They were eternally grateful and we also drank waytoofuckingmuch. Next thing I know, it’s 4am, I’m on a tour bus exchanging numbers with a really cute guy, and my flight leaves in less than 3 hours. WOOPS! I missed my flight. I ended up getting to Texas 8.5 hours later.

Once I got to Austin, I immediately drove to get pizza with E & Max. The pizza was SO good. We all agreed that we should have eaten two slices but ended up having four each because it was that darn good. I ended up at Ingy’s house late Thursday night. 

Friday, I slept in forever. Then I helped a little to get things ready for her 30th birthday party weekend! We did dinner at Gloria’s and I got some great El Salvadorean food. Then we went out drinking on 6th St and Rainey St, although I stayed sober since I was one of the designated drivers. Dustin got sloppy and rude and I nearly pushed him into the Colorado River, but otherwise it was a great night. 

Saturday, we, along with 40 other of Ingy’s friends, spent the entire afternoon on a party barge on Lake Travis. I went down that slide so many times. I didn’t get sunburnt either! And since we had a party bus too, I could properly drink. The party continued into Saturday night at Ingy and Charles’ beautiful and brand new built house. PINEAPPLES EVERYWHERE! Kristin and I sang WAY too loudly, and then did a reprise for some reason. Awesome day.

Sunday, Reka and I decided to be touristy. Although it was her 3rd time in ATX, she is always working when she’s here so I took her to some sights. We did Mount Bonnell, saw the butter half sign, welcome to Austin sign, then saw a great soul cover band on Rainey St. I left a bit early to get more food with E. We went to this adorable French brasserie and made sure to leave room for dessert. We couldn’t decide on one, so we decided to order them all and share. Three hours later, full of sugar and smiles and good conversation, I retired back to Ingy’s for the last night in town with Reka, Dustin, and our hosts. We talked until almost 2am, dead sober, with topics raging from the presidential race, abortion, God, education, the Big Bang theory, having kids (I was the odd man out on this one), racism, stereotypes, and more. Everyone was so respectful of each other’s opinions even if there was always one person in the group of five that disagreed on the topic. No one likes anyone less because of our late night chats. 

Normally I wouldn’t write so much; my photos speak louder than the words I write. I currently am at the airport, waiting for my flight back to Boston, after a lovely day in Houston. I need to get back to Texas soon!!!


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