Weekly Photo Recap

free donut | home visit | adventure cat | plum island | sunflower field | beach | hair cut | seafood feast with Lauren | more | more | and more sunflowers | sparklers | with | Leigh | arcade day | my best skeeball score | Friday night | Saturday dinner with Billy | lazy Sunday | lazy Sunday

It was a pretty good week. I worked, I was on call, but I got a lot accomplished. It was a warm week so I spent a few days at the beach, but it was a cold weekend so we spent that time inside. I also had my friends going away party.. He moves to Nola on Wednesday! I’m going to miss Matt terribly. He’s my ramen and funny sunglasses partner, but I will definitely be visiting since I fucking love New Orleans. I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday with Billy, lots of TV and eating. Good times. 

I’m looking forward to my friend Chris being in town from Ohio, and then Maine this weekend!


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