Weekly Photo Recap

hike | hair | cuddles | champagne & cupcakes | champagne & cupcakes | potential Halloween costume | making dinner with Billy | then we got drunk | spa day | road trip | first of many lobster rolls | Oktoberfest | Sukisaurus | coffee break | oyster shots | second lobster roll| with Fava at NoshBow | third lobster roll

Who am I kidding? I have never been the girl that uses Halloween as an excuse to dress like a slut. In general, I keep things classy… But if I want to look scandalous, I own it. 

I spent a good portion of the week with Billy. He moves next week to new Tampa so we are trying to get as much hang time together as possible. 

Lauren’s fiancé took a job in Nola so they’re spending a few months apart before she moves down there. She was having a rough time so I rolled in there with some pink champagne and a massive cupcake. Later in the week we did a spa day and road tripped up to Maine for a few beer festivals. We ate a ton of seafood and drank lots of whiskey, beer, and rum. And good coffee!!! 

I actually just took a 33 day break from drinking, partially because I destroyed my liver in Texas and partially in solidarity with my friend fresh out of rehab. I’m back to drinking occasionally, except when I’m dying from cramps. My period is always sporadic so I never know when these damn things will hit. 

Work has been busy, but wonderful. Things are going really well. I’m happy with the direction it is going. More money = more savings. Or vacations. Either way… Life is still sweet.


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