Weekly Photo Recap



Kilo waking me up every day | date night | buns & hugs | free GoPro | Kilo steals dinner | Billy | fambly | dinner with L | drinks with Lauren | kettle corn | Cider Hill Farm | apple picking | pumpkin display | road trippin’ | dead sunflowers | Korean BBQ | my mornings | Book of Mormon | Malaysian food | D Street Swings | baking apple toffee crisp | watching the Super Blood Moon

Damn, that moon thing was overrated AF, but I love that lake by my house so it was just nice to get out and sit on the blanket, cuddling up with my baby boy. It was a clear, crisp, and cold night. 

It officially turned autumn halfway through the week, so I did some autumnal things. Apple cider, apple crisp, apple donuts, straight up apples! I hate all pumpkin foods and pumpkin spice stuff too, so I avoided those and stuck with the apple-y items. 

Book of Mormon was AMAZING! At one point I laughed so hard I cried. I almost peed my pants, between how hilarious it was and the copious amounts of Starbucks. So much food good this weekend too. Thankfully a lovely gentleman took care of most of it so it wasn’t breaking the bank.

Anyway, I was in a sorta sad mood all week. I did a ton of glorious and fun things, smiled a ton, had lots of adventures.. But when it came down to it, I was kinda sad. Not very sad, just a feeling of something being off. Anxiety, probably. Maybe it was knowing that it was my last week with Kilo. Maybe it’s one of my best friends (my ex, Billy) moving to Florida. Maybe it’s my job getting a little bit worse before it gets better (probably improving in about 2 weeks!!!!). Either way, I don’t get like this often at all. It’s sometimes a nice reminder that you need the lows to really feel the happiest of highs. 

She pinpointed it… My BFF gets me 

As I said earlier, in about 2 weeks my job will be getting easier. I’m currently training my friend Shannon! I’m glad she applied (I get a bonus! Whoo) and she was fantastic when I interviewed her. It’s only been two days, but she’s been picking everything up very quickly. I am looking forward to having her around more too. She’s a great nurse and friend.


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