Weekly Photo Recap


Shannon and I working | last Kilo photo | bye Billy | Gloucester harbor | sandals and seaweed | Good Harbor Beach | work | work | work | work | Sunday on the couch with Jameson

I worked 75 hours in 6 days, partially because I had to, partially because I was being dumb. It didn’t leave time for much fun this week, but I still made it for a night out with a friend in Gloucester. We had delicious seafood, because Gloucester, duh, and made it to the beach. Billy also moved this week and it was emotional saying bye. That also means Kilo is gone! I’m so sad. 

This week is an easier week at work, Jeana is visiting from New Orleans, and then I’m heading down to NYC to get my China visa and see R from San Diego. Then it’s my cousins wedding in New Jersey! 


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