Weekly Photo Recap

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HECTIC WEEK! As per usual, worked a bunch, saw a lot of friends. I went down to Salem, MA for Halloween-y things and saw a few buddies. I finally got a jog in this week and I need to do that more. I’m down 15 pounds in 6 weeks and I want to keep going in that direction. I gained a bit of weight in my last relationship and I need to get that back off, plus some more ideally. 

Wednesday night Jeana flew in from New Orleans and Thursday we drove down to NYC so we could get our visas started for China! We spent our entire Friday morning at the Chinese consulate, getting sent away and coming back and sent away and back again. I also found some random lady’s wallet and did the legwork and made sure I got it back to her. Then we loaded up on an Indian buffet to celebrate, and napped until we met up with my friend from San Diego. We ate NYC style pizza, obviously, and then went to Blood Manor! Blood Manor was amazing. It was super startling and made me very nervous. Thankfully I had 2 friends to hold onto as we walked through the haunted house… And yeah I grabbed hard and I screamed and shrieked! I made my friends walk through Lower Manhattan, through Washington Square Park, Union Square, etc. 

Saturday was a family day. It was a ton of good food. Later on, Marz and I went to the diner at 11pm (so NJ) and then visited and broke into a few abandoned places. 

Sunday was wedding day! My cousin Tiffany finally married her mister of over 10 years. It was epic. It was at Liberty State Park in Jersey City. There was great food and drink. Asian weddings are fantastic because they’re over the top. And you know you’re at an Asian wedding when there’s an entire suckling pig and the skin disappears before the meat (“it’s the best part!”). All my aunts and uncles did hella shots and we all got cocked. I only had 4.5 drinks over the course of the night and I was definitely hungover today. I have only drank 4 times in the last 8 weeks and it was bad. 


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