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Busy week, but this time because of so much friend time. I got 4 jogs in this week, which is good because this week I’ll be lucky if I can get 2 in… Heading to Chicago later this week. Cody and I will not be running. We will be eating and drinking.

I had off Monday, for Columbus Day. I love getting all the holidays as paid days off. It makes the rest of the week go so quickly. It also allowed me to take my time coming home after my cousins wedding.

Sunshine and Dustin came to visit and it ruled! Of course Sunshine and I were wearing striped shirts and cuffed jeans. Of course we both sing Pocahontas while running. Of course she’s vegan (which I knew) and gluten-free (which I did not) and I made risotto with roasted peppers, corn, and onions and served it with hard ciders (purposely vegan and accidentally gluten-free and 100% perfect). I haven’t seen her since she moved to the Seattle area. We were inseparable in Philly and we still keep in touch, but I need more of her in my life. I’m definitely visiting next year.

I spent some time with Leigh this weekend too. She may or may not have gotten me sick, but either way it doesn’t matter… It was inevitable. About 50% of the people I interacted this week were sick. It happens. We had a popcorn smorgasbord and played with her 3 cats. They’re all hilarious. I also decided if I get a cat again, it’s definitely going to be a boy.

Lauren and I got Korean food late night one night, then I ate leftovers while drunk at 4am the next night. Whoops! In between, I woke up sick Saturday morning almost cancelled all of my plans. Instead, I hung out with Kristen for awhile, also sick, then had dinner at Bertucci’s with Luis before spending a million dollars at LaserCraze. I got drunk at Hokkaido, watched karaoke, got hit on by 2 men with girlfriends, 1 woman that liked my tattoos, and I hit on 1 guy with a girlfriend (I later found out). Then, I ate all the risotto and soft tofu jigae leftovers. So good.

I woke up Sunday and didn’t want to cancel plans with Jacob, so we revamped them. Instead of pizza and Winnekenni, we did pizza and antiquing! I love finding old globes and trying to figure out what year they’re from based on the names of various countries and cities at different points in history. This one that I really liked seemed to be from the 1960’s. It had USSR, Saigon, Rhodesia, and Hawaii was already a state, so I narrowed it down to 1959-1971. It’s the history teacher in me, I guess. 

Lauren showed up at my house around 7PM for the flashlight corn maze! It turned out to be closed, ha. We still dicked around there for an hour or so anyway, then came back home to make udon and chai apple tea. It was cozy and a good ending to the weekend.

So it’s been less than a month of “autumn,” but it already feels like winter. Not only has there been a few nights where the temperatures have gotten below freezing, we also have a ground frost alert in effect, PLUS IT SNOWED TODAY!!!! I love it. I love winter. I always joke around that New England experiences all 4 seasons, but it’s 6 months of winter and 2 months of everything else. It’s true. It’s been less than 6 months since our last snowfall. Global warming my ass! Just kidding, I totally believe in global warming. 


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