Weekly Photo Recap

 Cody in Chicago | Jameson happy I’m home! | Winnekenni | new running shoes | work Halloween party with nurses! | running with Jameson! | haunted overload | haunted overload | Lauren | Lauren | Jacob & doughnuts | corn maze | Chun-Li | more running with Jameson and new shirt | Jameson at Winnekenni | trashy classy dinner

We got back late Monday night from Chicago. We talked about not leaving. Damn, I love that city. It was good to be home and not sick though. I rewarded myself for not smoking. New shoes! I only ended up running twice this week but it felt really good. I did Halloween-y things Thursday – Sunday. I usually hate Halloween but this year I embraced it. I decided to be more positive in all aspects of my life. It’s working. Good things have been coming my way, including finding out a bunch of my friends are going to be in Tokyo while I’m there… Plus the super cute Canadian dude I missed my flight to Texas for haha. So excited! Work has gotten much better. I’m all over the place. I’m happy.


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