Weekly Photo Recap

Brok | Giz | new Cards Against Humanity | Evie | work | Arpitha | Benny Tudino’s | Fu Chi | Lan Kwai Fong | Comic Ave | Bruce Lee | tea eggs | street food | street food | Jeana | Jeana | dinner @ Night Market | Ladies Market | Man Mo Temple | brunch buffet with Connie | view from Victoria Peak
Holy shit. THIS WEEK. Oh man. If I said douchey shit, I might be saying “I literally can’t even” although I admit I don’t know if I used that phrase in the correct circumstances. 

Started off my week in MA! Currently in Beijing! In between I hit up New York City, New Jersey, and Hong Kong!!!! AHHH!!! Love. 

So I worked 3 days in MA, during which my friendly neighbor adopted the cutest puppy ever. She’s adorable. Then Wednesday night I rushed down to NYC to meet up with my friend Arpitha. I met her in Rome over 2 years ago. She’s from India, was working in London, traveling around… Now she’s working in Atlanta so I got to see her this summer on my road trip. I went to NJ, ate a ton of pizza. 

Thursday I got on a plane to Hong Kong! I woke up Friday in China! I spent the weekend eating all of the street foods, shopping a ton (care packages for all my friends!), exploring temples, markets, parks, drinking on the streets, being sketchy AF. 

Sunday I saw my friend Connie! I met her back in April in Chicago and we’ve kept in touch ever since. She took us to Victoria Peak with all the gorgeous views of HK, and then we had the most decadent Sunday brunch buffet with a raw bar, wagyu, sushi, charcuterie, mini desserts, free-flowing booze, and so much more. I’m still full and it’s now like, 24 hours later. 

And then Sunday night I got on a plane to Beijing! GAH! This week I will be in three countries: China, South Korea, and Japan. I’m really looking forward to the food, friends, shopping, and sights… Maybe not in that order. 

I really love my life. I determined my life is “gorgeous and fat.” So many beautiful things, so many delicious things. Mm mm mm! 


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