Weekly Photo Recap, belated

 Great Wall | night market | Forbidden City | Sharon! | scorpion for dinner | Jongmyo Shrine | bungeoppang | Gyeongbokgung Palace | latern festival | BBQ | Changdeokgung | kimchi | Hello Kitty Cafe | Shibuya night | famous tsukemen ramen! | drinking with Rob | ramen with Rob | wedding formal at Meiji Shrine | Meiji Shrine | J

So it’s now Wednesday in Hong Kong. I’m waiting on my flight back to the USA. I spent the last few days with some friends and a special gent, so I didn’t have any time to do my regular weekly update. I’m still only going to write about from last Monday-Sunday though. 

And way too much happened! I was in China, South Korea, and Japan! I fell in love with the Great Wall. I hated just about everything else about Beijing, minus my friend Sharon. I still can’t believe China blocks all social media and GOOGLE. I can live without everything else, but Google maps is life. 

Everything was wonderful in Korea. Patrick was our tour guide and he was damn good at it. I fell in love with Seoul, completely. Plus, the shopping and food were so good and cheap!!!! It was definitely my favorite city on this trip. I need to come back, and for much longer. 

Japan was really wonderful too. I fell in love with.. Fun. Yes. Japan was fun. I’m not sure if my fun was because I was clouded with my love for the people I spent the time with, but either way. I loved my time in Tokyo for one reason or another. Also, again, the food! I’ve been a ramen loved for life and I got to check out some great spots. Plus the friends. Yeah. Friends. 😍


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