Weekly Photo Recap

 Strung Out | NOFX | NOFX | douche | J | NUFAN cover set | Fat Wreck Fam | Rob | Hong Kong cable car | view | Buddha | Buddha | Buddha | temple | hotel | panda fam | Jameson | fam | fam | fam | fam | Jameson & Fu Chi | Jameson in the green room | Suki | vegan Thanksgiving | fell asleep at vegan Thanksgiving | ZooLights | ZooLights | ZooLights | ZooLights

I can’t narrow down the photos. Oh well.

Tokyo to Hong Kong to NJ to MA. That was the last 7 days.

So the general theme for Tokyo was “I keep choosing ramen, alcohol, and sex over sleep.” It’s true. J & I had quite a badass little weekend rendezvous in Tokyo. I’m not sure why I rented an apartment. I was just in his hotel the entire time. 

Monday J played in front of 20,000+ people at the Fat Wrecked for 25 Years concert. Rob played too! It was fantastic. The Tony Sly tribute was heartbreaking and beautiful. Also, all the Lagwagon and NOFX guys brought their kids and wives and it was uterus punching adorable. 

Tuesday was rough. I flew off to Hong Kong and J flew down to Australia. I had a rough day. Jeana and I got to HK and we took the cable car up to the big Buddha. It was glorious. I ran around everywhere, including 16 flights of stairs use to the top. I’m weird like that. I get excited and run towards things. We spent our last night in Asia shopping in Kowloon. I spent far too much money. 

I went swimming at our fancy hotel Wednesday morning, then got on another flight back to the USA. To fight jet lag, I stayed up until 10pm, cuddling my puppy and putting on face masques with my mom. 

Thanksgiving was awesome! I love family time. I went to bed pretty early from food coma and jet lag. Friday was also family time. My brother came home too. It was awesome. I took everyone out to dinner. We got Japanese and sake. My parents and I compared Japan notes. 

Saturday, more family! Eventually I drove back to Massachusetts for vegan Thanksgiving at Leigh’s. I brought Suki with me, per my mother’s request. Their new pup doesn’t really get along with Suki, but gets along great with Jameson. While they’re training the new pup, we are doing a little switch. Vegan tgivs was very delicious and boozy. I need Leigh’s mushroom gravy recipe because it’s the best damn gravy ever, regardless of meat or vegan. 

Sunday was largely relaxing. I did some unpacking while watching TV and listening to podcasts. In the evening, Leigh and I went down to the Stone Zoo and saw ZooLights. It was largely depressing. I remember why I don’t go to zoos. It was good to catch up with Leigh 1 on 1.

Still so in love with my life. I half miss being on vacation. I half miss my job that I love. I’m excited to be back at work. It’ll be a distraction from missing… Friends. I’m really happy. 

Upcoming 3 months: my parents coming to visit for Christmas, Emily’s baby shower in Philly, birthday trip #1 to Azores, birthday trip #2 to LA, weekends in Maine. 


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