Weekly Photo Recap

Gloucester | Ariana | Plum Island | The Get Up Kids all access boob sticky | The Get Up Kids | Jenni | annual work brunch with some of the fiscal department | typical Thursday night in | Steph’s play | walking Suki | Winnekenni |Winnekenni

Time is going too quickly. This week was a blur. The weather has been hella nice too..: 50’s and 60’s. I went to the beach twice, a different one each time. They both have their merits but I think I’m partial to Gloucester as I lived there for awhile. So did Ariana so we met up at Alchemy for nostaglia’s sake. Tuesday night TGUK played at Paradise… SOOOOGOOD. All the classics. I was so close to crying. Jenni and I had a heartbreakingly good time. I love this time of year at work. So many festive events and excuses to dress up and more time with my favorite fiscal ladies. I also saw Stephanie’s play with Justin this weekend! It was absolutely adorable. I also worked out and worked a bunch. I ate so unhealthy on vacation, because, vacation. Time to get it back on track. Extra money is always good too!


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