So this is the new year 



 And I don’t feel any different

So this is the new year

And I have no resolutions

Oh, this Death Cab For Cutie song, so perfect and true for me. Nothing has changed. We are all just another day older. 

I don’t make resolutions for the new year because I resolve every day to make changes. Waiting until New Years is an excuse to put things off. It’s just like the people that will start their diets tomorrow… No. Start now. 

So I continue to have no resolutions. I will continue my workout regime that I’ve had since the spring. Spinning when the days are short and jogging when the days are long. I will continue to eat my salads (almost) every day for lunch, and unprocessed foods. I will continue to smoke and drink less. I will continue to see the world. I will continue to be a good daughter, sister, and friend. I will continue to educate myself further in every aspect of my life, career, personally, etc. I will continue to better myself and the world around me. I will continue to advocate and fight for the people that can’t do it themselves. 

But all of this is no different than yesterday. There will be change because it has all been set into motion a long time ago.

And now to bed because I went to 4 parties and just got home and it’s after 4am!!! 


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