Weekly Photo Recap


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We got our first snow! I’m so excited. I love the snow. I got a cozy day off from work and finished Jessica Jones. It’s my favorite show right now. It was a really light week at work again because of the holidays. I basically worked 2 days, had a snow day, had a holiday, and got paid for a full 40 hours. Work is good. This week is my 2 year anniversary at this company! 

New Years was great. I hit up 4 parties so I could see all my friends! I saw some former coworkers, saw nursing school buds, saw my doctor friends, and my punk rock friends. I had a glass of champagne and lit off Roman candles and sparklers. We played cards against humanity until 3am! My midnight smooches were Amy and Jameson. 

Saturday was spent with Bridget and Rory. They were on a northern field trip to drink lots of beer. I took them on a magical cerveza journey. We went to Sunset in Allston for over 350 beers to choose from. Then we checked out CBC’s brewpub. And then Derrick hit me up! He’s home from Manchester UK for the holidays and so we went to the Back Bay to catch up and lots of hugs.

Sunday! Ariana, Brenna and I went to Maine for outlet shopping. I don’t think any of us were really in the mood to really dig. It was overwhelming. I ended up with these adorable Reebok classics for dirt cheap. I am not a big animal print person, but I like them in small amounts like for shoes. It’s too tacky.


Afterwards we went to New Hampshire to get boozy milkshakes and burgers in Portsmouth. We had a grand old time! I’m obsessed with BRGR Bar‘s poutine and their burgers are great and not too big. They definitely leave room for dessert. Ariana got this amazing sea salt chocolate bourbon ice cream shake that was sooo good. I need to get that next time. I finished off my night with shopping at Trader Joe’s and Michael’s crafts, and watched way too much Making A Murderer. Today is going to be a little rough but dang that show sucked me in. It’s just like Serial but for Netflix. ADDICTED

Gah, Monday. I suppose I should go to work.. I have things to do before I have more friends visiting!!! 


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