Restaurant Review | Pai Men Miyake


Hamayaki & Paitan Ramen

So I’m a creature of habit. Just like I buy the same clothes over and over, I have traditions of where to eat when I’m in certain towns. Whenever I visit my parents, I stop at Mitsuwa. In Philly, I try to eat at Johnny Brenda’s or Standard Tap. In Portland, it’s Pai Men Miyake. 

My habits are so obsessive that I almost always get the same thing at certain restaurants. Cowboy burger at Applebee’s, seafood bowl at Blue Fin, salt & pepper lobster and scallops at Victoria. At Pai Men, it is the hamayaki and a ramen. The baos are good too, but these items are my absolute favorite. And ALL the ramens are good. Tokyo Abura, kimchee, allllll of the ramen. Sometimes I will add food items on top of the usuals, if I have a guest joining me, but always the hamayaki (scallop and crab over sushi rice baked in a shell and squirted with kewpie mayo and something that tastes like a tonkatsu sauce) and a ramen. The Paitan is great if you are not afraid of very fatty, as the pork belly and broth are both loaded with it.

Definitely try it if you’re in Portland. They also have a killer beer list and whiskey pots. It’s absolutely perfect for a winter stop in. In fact, I think I may continue my tradition of spending my birthday here. 4 years in a row?! I think I just may have to..


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