Friday I’m In Love | While Odin Sleeps

 While Odin Sleeps.. Please excuse the lack of makeup except the 2 days old mascara 

My favorite jewelry brand is this lady that hand makes necklaces and earrings, previously based in Texas, now traveling around the USA. Her stuff is a lot of crystals, gemstones, geodes, metals, etc. and each piece is unique as no two stones are the same. I own at least a dozen of her pieces and I’ve turned on some friends to her stuff and now we all look like the same weirdos. We all have to field the same “do you believe in the healing powers of cystals?” bullshit questions and get to answer aw hell naw you craycray we just like how this looks.

If you’re interested in picking up a few pieces yourself, head over to While Odin Sleeps and support the lovely Lauren Lester. 


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