Weekly Photo Recap


 various birthday week celebrations

I turned 31! I’m old! Or older! I still got ID’d everywhere I went all week though. Lauren and my birthdays are 4 days a part so we celebrate together every year. Tradition called for dinner at Victoria Seafood, raspberry cheesecake, and ramen at Pai Men Miyake. 

We also got glorious manicures/pedicures. We day drunk bottles of Moët & Chandon and ate all the desserts in our pajamas at the nicest restaurant open for lunch in Boston. They don’t care you’re barefoot, feet up on other chairs when you’re ordering expensive as fuck booze. 

We also had a delicious dinner at Anchovie’s, midnight snacks at the Beehive, dancing at Bubba’s, lots of pupu platters.

Sunday, my show date Jenni and I headed out to see solo sets from Matt Pryor (the get up kids), Chris Conley (saves the day), Dan Adriano (alkaline trio), Andy Jackson (hot rod circuit), and Anthony Ranieri (bayside)… But it was so much better than that. I don’t think we knew what to expect. Sometimes it would just be solo. Sometimes it would be harmonizing and duets. Sometimes it would be gang vocals. It was 100% amazing. I never wanted it to end. 

And now I have the flu… The universe has been so perfect lately that it had to knock me down a little bit. Oh well. A minor setback. And of course I look at the positive in everything… I love sleeping away my days off. I’ve also gotten to catch up on The Walking Dead, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, etc! 


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