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A fantastic week! Birthday month is finally over! It definitely was too busy. March is for relaxation. Maybe April too. I do have to head to Philly this weekend to see Emily and her BB, plus Less Than Jake is playing Hello Rockview… But I’m resolving to stay closer to home for awhile. New England, I love you and I’m going to stop ignoring you. I’m gonna treat you right. 

I hit up 4 different states! California, Massachusetts, NH, and Maine! I usually hit 3 as I live very close to MA NH ME, but the California was a nice edition. Los Angeles isn’t really my style, but I love my friends. 

I went on lots of dates! None of your business! More this week before I hit up Philly! Wish me luck. I’ve come to realize Boston is far too small, especially in my “scene.” I already hate and love dating at the same time. It’s definitely a creative experience. 

I exercised almost every day! Getting out of work early plus great weather meant lots of jogs and hikes and somewhat romantic walks along the beach haha. 

I ate a lot of good food this week! Some very healthy, some absolute garbage for me, but all delicious! I had a bunch of good coffee and tea too. 

I’m really digging our new work space and my lightened duties. I love my job, but who doesn’t like to take it easy a bit sometimes? I barely worked at all in February, so this is a nice ease back into the grind. 

Life is still sweet. 


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