Weekly Photo Recap


post-work out lazy | work | new Polar flavor | Shittles & Lauren post-dinner | run | run | date night | Kristen | baking a cake | shower bubbles | sailing | dinner with J | Kris & kitty litter cake | RNs | party | party | Enrique | Currier Museum  with the ladies | Killer Heels exhibit | Currier Museum fun | brunch bitches | Portsmouth Music Hall | Fury’s with Colleen | job 2

I worked out a good amount this week.. When it was warm, jogging around the lake… When cold, spinning inside. A lot of friend time again. A lot of parties. A lot of NH and Boston. A few dates. Finally got out on the Charles River to get some sailing in. Put a deposit down on an apartment for June 1 in Boston. Saw The Witch and the director spoke to us afterwards! Good times.

It snowed Sunday and it’s snowing again today… Pretty. They say April showers bring May flowers, but that doesn’t work as well when you live far north enough that the showers are actually snow.


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