Weekly Photo Recap


Salisbury | smoothy | Suki | Haggets Pond | rain day | Newburyport | hiking with Jason | Bartlett Mall | sailing | St James | Enrique | Jordan’s | Plum Island | O’Brien’s | jump rope

I went on one of the most fun dates ever this week. Really random, but we went to Jordan’s Furniture. We got ice cream, saw the light show, sat on all the furniture, and did a Harry Potter jelly belly taste test. I loved it! It was so different and booze free and amusing.

I worked a really long week this week and it kinda sucked, but I am taking a few days at the end of the month for myself so it all evens out. Plus keeping busy means I don’t have to stay in the office too much either! Always good.

One of the highlights of the week was sailing. I went out with some more experienced folks and we took out a Rhodes 19. I was the spinnaker and jib girl for the first few runs but the last one I was the helmsman. It felt great. I also think it gave me a cold. 

I also went to a really good punk show with Ryoji! It was cool to check out some local punk bands and sidestep some dude puking in the middle of the dance floor. 

We got so much snow on Monday! It was scary and beautiful and awesome because work closed early. I think that might be the last of it. We’ve gotten snow for 3 years in April now, but not past that.. 


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