Weekly Photo Recap


marathon | marathon | marathon | marathon | date night | date night | hike | hike | hike | hike | hike | dogsit | Steph’s play | spin | hike | hike | hike | Japan fest | Japan fest | hike

My favorite thing about living in Massachusetts is the STATE holiday where everything shuts down and we get drunk and watching and cheering along people running long distances on a random but always sunny Monday in April. It’s actually here because it’s the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first shots fired in the American Revolution. It’s a day off!

I had a good balance between friend and solo time this week. As awesome as it is to reach a summit and share the view and a snack with a friend, it’s also amazing to have it to yourself, silently. I hiked about 25 miles this weekend, 20 of them in under 48 hours. I am very tired today. But I only worked 3 days last week and I took half the week off this week too so I should be fine. I have to move this weekend… NO FUN!


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