Eataly Boston: now open!

Mario Batali’s Eataly opened on Tuesday at the Prudential Center and after a 30 minute wait, Lauren and I were in. We frequented the Eataly in NYC and we have been talking for months about the Boston opening. In most ways, it did not disappoint. 

Our baba del limoncello was sugary, but the citrusy cream hidden inside was a nice way to cut the sweet. Top it off with candied ginger and I’m in heaven! 

We also got spritzattas, the Eataly spin on an Aperol Spritz made with sparkling rosé. It’s so fun to walk around the grocery store, sipping and shopping at the same time. 

We both picked up some meat and cheese, and I got cacio e pepe ravioli. I made it for dinner tonight, just tossed with a little of the pasta water, a boatload of fresh cracked black pepper and grated pecorino romano. Cacio e pepe truly needs nothing more.

Our one complaint was the waiting.. to get in, for pizza, pastries, and most of all the booze! All the restaurants were more than packed and it took a half hour just to get it spritzattas much less anything else. We will be back, but after it calms down just a bit more. 


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