Friday I’m in Love: Italy

I spent most of October 2013 roaming around Italy. I think this month I have been channeling that a lot because I can’t stop making Italian food. 

Dairy free stuffed shells

I made these according to the shell package instructions, but whipped up my own dairy free ricotta. S is really lactose intolerant so these are a soy based ricotta made with tofu, nutritional yeast, garlic, soy sauce, cashew, olive oil, egg, lemon juice and plenty of salt and pepper. I mixed it up with spinach and ground beef, stuffed the shells before topping with Rao’s tomato sauce. It’s the closest to homemade perfection you can get. If you’re not making your own sauce, you need this red sauce! Since I was making my own “ricotta” I decided to make this little shortcut. I topped it off with Daiya mozzerella and baked it off for about 20 minutes. The gent was pleased. If yours is vegan, ditch the ground beef.

Ketogenic spicy meatball parm, gluten free

These were accidentally ketogenic. I followed a regular meatball recipe but I didn’t have any breadcrumbs! I substituted spicy pork rinds instead. They’re definitely not traditional meatballs but they’re still damn good. I fried them off but I think I’ll simmer them in a homemade sauce next time. I have so many San Marzano tomatoes right now but I’m leaving for vacation in a few days so I’ve been keeping busy with work and school and slacking on my homemade tomato sauce. This brand is pretty good, but I should have just cracked open another bottle of Rao’s.

Between these dishes, my cacio e pepe and hitting up Eataly, November was a very Italian month! I will have to post these recipes when I get back. I anticipate December to be very Latino, as I hit up Mexico and Cuba over the next few weeks. 

Ciao & adios…


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