Friday I’m in Love | Risotto: a labor of love 

Risotto is truly a labor of love.

Lately I’ve been cooking a bit healthier, and gluten-free. My person doesn’t consume gluten because it causes inflammation and he’s got a few health issues that warrant the diet change. 

Risotto isn’t the most beautiful food, but it’s the coziest food. More than anything, homemade risotto is the most loving food. When you are constantly stirring for an hour plus, adding all the right ingredients at the right moments, plus all the preparation in advance…. It’s a lot of work, but that’s half of what makes risotto worth it. Plus since it takes so damn long to make, I only make it maybe a few times a year for special occasions. Today was not special at all, although somewhat magical with all the snow, but this was necessary. 

Arborio rice, mushroom, onion, garlic cooked in veggie broth… then with roasted red pepper, bay scallop, calamari, and shrimp added in the last 5 minutes or so with a lot of stirring and adding more liquid in between and assessing at various intervals. 

The breakdowns aren’t really accurate, but I started with 1.5 cups of rice and used at least 4 cups of broth. You only add a half cup of broth at a time, stir stir stir over medium heat in a pan, then add a bit more when it gets low. Around the 30-45 minutes mark, I start to taste it. When the rice is soft, usually around an hour in, that’s when I added the seafood and pepper. It cooks quickly after that, maybe another 5 minutes at most to get the calamari firm and the shrimps/scallops to become opaque. I used half an onion, 4 garlic cloves, and half a container of mushrooms. I used about a pound of seafood. I finished it off with some real Parmesan cheese and a nice bright peppery arugula. Serve hot and toss the arugula with the risotto to wilt it a bit.



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