Another lousy poem

Where I fucked it up 

I also wrote this poem yesterday


My eyes could never get wide enough 

to take you all in 

staring constantly staring 

in disbelief 
Is this real life? 

How did I get so lucky? 
You used to floss your teeth with my hairs 

rolling individual strands around 

with your tongue 
And your tongue in my mouth 

coated sweet with caffeine 

and hairs tickling my lips 

sometimes your kiss so deep 

your nose would whistle and poke my eye 

but I liked it 

every moment of it 
I look at the bed we made love on 

just the day before 

and I can’t muss it. 

I sit next to it longingly. 

I remember our bodies 


and how you encompassed in the white sheets after 

as you dripped out between my legs 
I smile 

a sad smile 

but a smile nonetheless 

and it was short lived 

like your love for me 
The butterflies that have been there since the very beginning 

still remain 

except now they’re made of iron 

and tearing away at my insides 
Guess I am just a ghost 

a shadow of what I once was.


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