On food sanitation.

His thumb is on it.. do you really care?

That salsa was on someone else’s table before mine.. I think I saw him double dip. 

For how many hours is meat OK to sit outside in 80F+ degrees? Asking for a friend. 

Whatever your views are on food code hygiene, throw them out the window.

You will see fingers in the salt bowl at the next table over, and then that salt be brought to your table. (This is actually the best way to do it with the amount of humidity and the inefficiency of a spoonful of salt). Same with the cup of limes. 

There will be a bug in your mojito. Maybe it was there while they made your drink. Maybe it flew in after. You won’t get Zika from that mosquito. I don’t think. 

Your bread bowl from the Paladar that you didn’t touch (much)? The next table will get served it. 

They will serve the leftover tortillas from your fajitas to the next person, as they did with the person before you.

As long as you’re still not drinking the water, you’ll be fine. 

You’ll survive. They’ve made it this long and you will too. Trust me; I’m a nurse.

This particularly splendid mojito only had 2 bugs in it. The Cuban rum in my other hand didn’t have any! 

Please don’t skip out on any food or drink that looks good to you… I’m just preparing you for some realities of the situations. 


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