On Cuban blackouts 

My first night in Trinidad, I was dining with some Italians I had just met at Taberna La Botija when halfway through my chuleta, it went black. I thought it was an isolated incident and probably just a blown fuse as within 5 minutes the lights were back on and band was rocking out again. I continued my meal with lights, although the darkness didn’t stop me to begin with. 

Mi chuleta at La Botija

My second night in Trinidad, I was having supper at El Mojito Galeria y Snack Bar when the entire city turned dark. Five, then ten minutes passed and still, blackout and radio silence, minus a drummer and some chatter and laughter.

El Mojito during the day

My server at El Mojito told me that it’s common and yes, my first night was also a city wide blackout. She said it usually just happens twice a week, or maybe just every time I order a pork chop? After about 20 minutes, the lights went back on and a roar of cheers sprung up from across the city. 

Didn’t quite catch the bustle of Plaza Mayor right here…

As I left the restaurant, I noticed that there were just as many people if not more in the Plaza as there were when I left. Even with the blackout, it was still buzzing. Because I couldn’t say it better myself, in the words of Pitbull (which I find fitting for Cuba and amusing in general), “no pare la fiesta.”


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