Easter dinner

I hate ham.

I eat it, but I don’t really enjoy it. 

This year I rubbed down a 1.25 pound pork tenderloin with Bad Byron’s Butt Rub Seasoning, which is similar to a Cajun seasoning. I quickly seared it off in a cast iron pan with some coconut oil on medium high, then popped it in the oven at 400F for 20 minutes. I also threw some onions under the pork for the oven portion. On a sheet pan, I roasted 1 red pepper, 2 Japanese eggplants and 1 zucchini with some salt, topped with avocado oil. I also poured all the pork juice on everything. 

It was pretty much perfect. 

M loved it too.. and the warm gluten free chocolate chip cookies with iced coffee with coconut milk for dessert!

Yesterday was a good day. We ate, walked, napped, ate. 

Lunch was simple; baked eggs in avocado with lime, salt, pepper. He had ice cream too. 

His weapon of choice is mint chocolate chip.

Then we walked around Mt Auburn Cemetery and drew for a bit.

He drew; I laid down. 

Hello my love!

Hi Boston! 

Hi my own butt!

I have the shortest legs ever.

Now it’s almost 5am and I’m getting texts saying that all the hospital security guards are enjoying the GF cookies I sent M into work with.. my job is done here.

I only ate 2/I’m amazed at my self control

Never a lonely night, even when M has work.. Also this is my bed after 1 man and 2 boy dogs destroy it!!! 


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